Smoking Chips

Smoking Chips

Hickory, mesquite, apple or cherry? What's your favorite wood smoke flavor? We've got great chips for all three, in convenient 2 1/4 pound bags.

Save 15% on any 6 bags of chips, or a whopping 25% on any 12 pack!

BOW_amazonpix_ChipBagMesqMesquite adds a sweeter flavor. Burns hot, great for most meats especially beef and most vegetables.

Mesquite 2.25 lbs – $5.00

BOW_amazonpix_chipBagHickHickory has a smokey, bacon-like flavor and goes well with pork, chicken, beef, wild game, and cheeses.

Hickory 2.25 lbs – $5.00

BOW_amazonpix_ChipBagAppleApple has a lightly sweet, fruity smoke flavor. Use with beef, poultry, game birds and pork.

Apple 2.25 lbs – $9.00

BOW_amazonpix_ChipBagCheryCherry adds a sweet, fruity, smoke flavor. Great paired with poultry, pork, and game birds.

Cherry 6lbs – $9.00

Best of the West® Wood Smoking Chips

• 100% Natural Wood Chips
• Add to charcoal briquets for flavor
• Wood Chips add that great smoky, barbecue flavor.

The biggest complaint from gas grill users is that there is no “barbecue” flavor.  Now you can have it with Best of the West® Smoking Chips!

Best of the West® Smoking Chips adds great natural flavor to your food.

Available in Hickory, Mesquite, Apple and Cherry flavors, providing great outdoor taste on your gas, smoker, electric or charcoal grill.

$5.00 — $9.00