Grilling Spray

Grilling Spray

BBQ grilling sprays are non stick, and add the taste of hickory or mesquite smoke to any food in an instant!


Best of the West® Grilling Sprays

• Spray on the flavor directly on food!
• All natural, non-stick grilling sprays
• Fat-free, no cholesterol or hydrogenated oils
• No preservatives or chemicals
• Kosher

Grill Magic® makes grilling on any surface a non-stick experience. This spray adds no flavor.

Mesquite Magic® & Hickory Magic® also keeps food from sticking, but with the bonus of adding the smoky western flavor of Mesquite, or the great taste of Hickory in an instant.

Best of the West® Grilling/Seasoning Sprays can be used with any type of grill, smoker, or on ANY cooking surface! Best of the West® Grilling Sprays can be used outdoors or indoors. Try it in your frying pan or oven.

Grill Magic® – $5.00

Hickory Magic® – $5.00

Mesquite Magic® – $5.00

Flavor Pack with Free Lighter – $15.00

Buy any SIX and save 15%

$5.00 — $15.00