Grilling Spray

Grilling Spray

BBQ grilling sprays are non stick, and add the taste of hickory or mesquite smoke to any food in an instant! Spray on the flavor directly on food! Our all natural, non-stick grilling sprays are fat-free, no cholesterol or hydrogenated oils, with no preservatives or chemicals. 100% Kosher too!

Grill Magic® makes grilling on any surface a non-stick experience, and wa also have a spray that adds absolutely no flavor. .

Mesquite Magic® & Hickory Magic® also keeps food from sticking, but with the bonus of adding the smoky western flavor of Mesquite, or the great taste of Hickory in an instant.

Best of the West® Grilling/Seasoning Sprays can be used with any type of grill, smoker, or on ANY cooking surface! Best of the West® Grilling Sprays can be used outdoors or indoors. Try it in your frying pan or oven.

Buy any SIX and save 15%

Grill Magic® – $5.00
Hickory Magic® – $5.00
Mesquite Magic® – $5.00
Flavor Pack with Free Lighter – $15.00

$5.00 — $15.00