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Best of the West®

Natural Lump Charcoal and Wood Fuel Products

The secret to gourmet barbecue!



A full assortment of Natural Lump Charcoal, Briquettes, Wood Smoking Chips and Chunks, Seasoning Sprays and Wood Chip Trays. There’s something for every type of grill and griller!

Welcome to the home of the finest BBQ products around. Best of the West® Brand Products are top of the line and enhance the barbecue grilling experience!

Two Trees Products has something for every type of griller, whether you are just starting to barbecue or are an experienced BBQ enthusiast!

Check out our wide range of products and experience the world of flavor through Best of the West® Products.

Two Trees Products has something to enhance any type of grilling situation, from the charcoal grill, to the gas or electric grill, the smoker, tailgater, or even the indoor grill!

Two Trees Products has products for all types of barbecue.  For the charcoal grill, gas or electric grill and smokers.  From your backyard, to camping, to the park and Tailgating:  Best of the West® has a product for that!

Two Trees Products has been in the business of producing PREMIUM quality Lump Charcoal and Wood Fuel Products for over 36 years.  Look for the Best of the West® Brand on-line and in your favorite grocery stores!

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“Family, friends, fun and fine food grilled to perfection. Restaurant taste in your own backyard!”