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Our charcoal can be purchased at your favorite retail location. If you store doesn’t have it, then ask for it. We offer Oak and Mesquite Lump charcoal, Supercue Light a bag, and Genuine Genuine Jim Beam® products too! Ask for them at your local retailer…

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  • Grill Grate Cleaning Block

    Grill Grate Cleaning Block


    Best of the West Grill Grate Cleaning blocks are powerful effective and safe cleaning for BBQ grills, griddles, smokers and other cooking surfaces.

  • Grilling Planks

    Grilling Planks


    Best of the West® Cedar Grilling Planks are 100% Natural. Perfect for Grilling Salmon and Seafood. Burgers too! Try some today!

  • Grilling Spray


    BBQ grilling sprays are non stick, and add the taste of hickory or mesquite smoke to any food in an instant! Spray on the flavor directly on food!

  • Smoking Chips

    Smoking Chips


    Hickory, mesquite, apple or cherry? What's your favorite wood smoke flavor? We've got great smoking chips for all three, in convenient 2 1/4 pound bags.

  • Wood Chip Boxes


    Add flavor to your Barbecue with 100% Natural Smoking Wood Chips. Four flavors to choose from, Hickory, Mesquite, Apple and Cherry!

  • Wood Chip Trays

    Wood Chip Trays


    1-Time Use, Disposable Wood Chip Trays. Use with Gas or Charcoal grills! These are 100% Natural Wood Chips, easy to use, and easy to clean up.

  • Wood Chunks


    Our 100% pure Hickory and Mesquite Wood Chunks are the preferred fuel for smoker grills and are a great replacement for chemical laden briquettes.