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Our charcoal can be purchased at your favorite retail location. If you store doesn’t have it, ask for it.  Want to sell our products? Here’s our our wholesale page

Bagged Charcoal Options:

Mesquite Lump Charcoal – Not Available Online

Our 100% Pure Mesquite Lump Charcoal contains absolutely no fillers or additives. Gives your food that great mesquite flavor. Used by famous chefs around the country.

  • 6.6 pound bag
  • 15.4 pound bag
  • 20 pound bag
  • 40 pound bag


Oak Lump Charcoal – Not Available Online

Our natural oak lump charcoal has to be tried. One taste of food grilled with this, and you may never use anything else. its 100% natural, and handmade.

The charcoal comes in three different sized packages:

  • 6.6 pound bag
  • 15.4 pound bag
  • 40 pound bag


Supercue Light a bag  – Not Available Online Charcoal

Just light the bag! – No lighter fluid needed, no chemical taste or smell to your food. Our Super-Cue® “Bag Light” Mesquite Lump Charcoal comes in two convenient sizes.

Super-Cue® makes it easy to barbecue anywhere without dealing with messy bags, lighter fluid and dirty hands.  All you need is a match for all natural mesquite flavor.

  • 2.2 pound bag
  • 5.5 pound bag