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When browsing the lanes of your local grocery store, you can easily find different meat marinades on the market.

However, you can also choose to make your very own concoction in which your meat is saturated for a number of hours before it ever sees the top of your grill.
The key to using barbecue marinades is patience and making sure the meat has time to soak up the flavor you wish to experience.

For many, an Italian dressing is essential for beef. But, care must be exercised as the oil in the dressing might cause your grill to flame up and scorch your food. Nevertheless, this type of marinade might not work for all of the cuts of meat.

You will discover three standard reasons that marinades can be a griller’s best ally. To start with, they tenderize the meat. This can be important for some of the cheaper cuts of beef or pork. Marinades may even flavor the meat. Lastly, marinades can add to the juicy qualities of the meat.

Whether you are cooking beef, pork, fish or poultry there are marinades to improve the final product when it comes off the grill. To start out, make sure your meat is fully thawed and with several cuts of beef, tenderized.

Preferably, you’ll need about one quarter pint of marinade for each and every pound of meat. A short pan really should be used to let a single layer of steak to soak in the marinade between six to 12 hours before putting it on the grill.

If you don’t have a shallow pan you can use food storage bags which can be totally sealed. With the bag wide open and lying flat, place the meat in one layer inside the bag. After that you can pour the marinade in the bag and seal it tight.

Make certain to keep the bag flat and put it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook. You will probably notice the meat is not entirely immersed in the marinade and you may have to turn the bag over at least twice during the process to uniformly marinade the food.

As soon as the marinade has done its work, take out the meat and place it on the grill. Do not attempt to pour the food out of the bag directly onto the extremely hot grill, as it might create a flare up and cause injuries or an initial heat exposure for the meats.

Although you want to improve the flavor of your food, you certainly don’t want the marinade to overpower your meat. The trick to finding out how much to use and how much time to marinate the meat is to be ready make use of the trial and error method.