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When it comes to barbecue cooking there are quite a few choices of “fuel”. Some people prefer gas fuel or charcoal and others like more natural fuels. Barbecue chunks and smoker wood chips are probably the best means of cooking and for a variety of very compelling reasons. In light of this, these two fuel sources have become extremely popular.

The primary reason why barbecue chunks and wood chips are the preferred choice in cooking fuel is probably what is called the flavor factor. No other fuel can create flavor like barbecue chunks and smoker wood chips can.

This comes about through any of a variety of ways to burn them. Some people use a smoker box, which can be found in any department store or online while others like foil-disposable roasting pans or individually wrapped within foil with holes punctured throughout for ventilation. Still others barbecue by directly applying the chunk (or for those who wish to combine fuel sources), wood chips to hot coals.

The result in any case would be a multitude of rich, mouthwatering flavors: apple, kiawe, oak, mesquite or hickory. The addition of flavor sprays can also enhance or customize any flavor to individual preference. The meat does not absorb the smoke, just the chemical-induced flavor of the barbecue chunks and smoker chips, so taste is always pure.

This leads into another great reason for using barbecue chunks and smoker wood chips. Wood chips are ‘green’ or environmentally friendly. The wood burns clean and does not dispel and poisonous toxins or other pollutants.

In today’s world with global warming, people have grown environmentally conscious, which means they want to consume in ways which do not cause damage to their surroundings. This is as admirable as it is necessary for responsible grilling. Thus, barbecue chunks and wood chips have become widely used.

Of course, since barbecue chunks and smokers chips are utilized by many people, both are in demand. Luckily, both are available in vast quantities, which is a condition that serves as another appealing factor in the overall preference for these sources. They are used through Europe and in Russia as well with wood stock being virtually unlimited.

The Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) is a quickly-flourishing harvest of wood growth which is efficient, safe and inexpensive due to the source’s vast availability (which is another reason it is so popular). This source can viably be called “the effluents’ choice” for that reason, because it is economic, not at all messy and it performs perfectly.

Those who are hoping for one last great barbecue experience this summer should certainly consider buying barbecue chunks and smokers chips. The result will be, without a doubt, the best meal of the year!