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With the holiday season quickly sneaking up on the world, you may be searching for the perfect gift for your favorite barbecue fanatic. Instead of boring grill brushes or grill tool kits, this year think a little more creatively. Use these barbecue holiday gift ideas to help you find the perfect barbecue holiday gift!

BBQ Sauce of the Month Gift

If you want a gift that continues to bring joy to the recipient all year long, think about signing them up for the BBQ Sauce of the Month gift. Each month they will receive a different barbecue sauce to try out. The sauces will be delivered to their door each month and they’ll remember your generosity for a full twelve months!


If you grill a lot, you’ve noticed how challenging it can be to work with straight skewers on a round grill. This is the problem FireWire fixes quickly! These stainless steel cable skewers relax and take the shape you need them to take. Barbecue cooks can add their favorite kebab meats and veggies right onto them and place them effortlessly on their grill of any shape.

Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill

If price is really no object or you want to impress the recipient, the Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill is a great barbecue gift for the holidays. While it will cost you more than the average gift, it delivers much more as well! This grill only weighs 20 pounds but packs loads of heat, making it ideal for you to take with you anywhere you’d like to host your next barbecue. It comes in stainless steel but can also be equipped with marine quality steel and a boat railing mount.

Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter

Is your grilling pal a fan of charcoal grills? If so, the Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter is a great gift choice. It can be used for grilling or smoking and lights charcoal very quickly and easily. You’ll need no lighter fluid and can avoid the lighter fluid taste altogether!

Monogrammed Aprons

If you need a small gift for your BBQ friend or co-worker, consider ordering them a monogrammed apron. Every serious home cook needs a quality apron and you can quickly personalize your gift by adding a monogram on the front. Just be sure to order a few weeks in advance, as personalized items often take longer during the holiday season.

Instead of stressing out over barbecue gifts for the holidays, use the barbecue gift ideas to get your mind rolling. You can find the perfect gift not only for your holiday buying budget but also one which will be fantastic for your barbecue fanatic loved one!