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Those who love their BBQ grill often find the grill accessories extremely satisfactory. The most popular accessories purchased to go with the barbecue grill are the wok, the skillet/pan, the roasting rack and the griddle. There are many BBQ accessories most grill fans don’t want to miss out on.

The Wok

The wok is ideal for times when you’d like to create stir-fry dishes, stews or simply want to boil water. Whether you’re in the backyard or camping in the wilderness, this accessory can be very useful. Instead of toting along a coffee pot, you can boil your own water for coffee while camping or at the beach!

The Skillet/Pan

If you’re planning a weekend trip away in nature, the skillet is a must-have. It allows you to cook things like eggs, bacon, pork chops, pancakes and much more. You can use it as you would a traditional kitchen pan. Instead of relying only on donuts or lunch meat, you can eat well during your vacation.

The Roasting Rack

For steak, chicken and other meats this accessory is quite necessary. It will help you be sure your food doesn’t roll right off the grill while it’s cooking. It’s so large in diameter you can easily fit vegetables on it too.

The Griddle

If you like to grill vegetables and fish, the griddle can make the task so much easier on you! It’s ideal for searing foods, allowing you to eat healthy and get the flavor you desire.

BBQ Cookbook

The barbecue cookbook is one accessory you might want to think about purchasing, as well. From steamed mussels to stir fry recipes, you can create fantastic meals with the help of your grill and a barbecue grill cookbook.