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Any home cook most likely has their particular special tools they use when they host a cookout or an outdoor BBQ. However, there are some tools that are important to have accessible regardless of what you could be cooking or how many people you might be serving.

Take into account that you will not use all of the tools whenever you have a barbecue, but you have to have them available so you won’t need to purchase them if you do need them.

Enhancing Flavors

Undoubtedly, you always want to create tasty foods when barbecuing. In order to accomplish that, there are various items you need to keep on hand to utilize on those occasions that call for them. Here are a few of the most frequently used BBQ tools:

  • Basting awl, fingers and mop in steel, plastic or silicone
  • Various flavors of BBQ sauce
  • Flavor sprays
  • Injector for marinade
  • Marinade sprays
  • Meat rubs (especially for ribs)

Cleaning Essentials

Having a spotless BBQ grill is not only a security precaution, but it also ensures the food you cook will always taste fresh instead of tasting like the last meal you put on the barbecue. You can easily use the following accessories to clean your grill:

  • Double pad grill brush
  • Scrubs
  • Scrub holders

There are loads of barbecue tools available you may not need normally but may want to keep on hand. The way you grill will establish what other accessories you will need but might include things like a sauce pot, stainless steel chip smoker, rack for barbecue chicken, grill for garlic bread and much more.

When buying unique barbecue tools, be careful not to go over the top. Simply think about what kinds of food you cook and what tools might aid you in cooking those.

While some people are very creative and will attempt to barbecue anything they can cook inside including entire roasts, others are content to opt for the common foods such as steak, chicken, ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn and potatoes.

Safety equipment is essential as well. Barbecue tools like grilling gloves, long handles utensils or fire extinguishers are necessary. The important thing is to enjoy yourself without facing any threat from the fire and heat of the grill.