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Bison Charcoal GrillDesigning the outdoor living area for the local chef can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the right grill.

The challenge becomes even greater if the space calls for a built-in grill and you don’t want to take one apart and try to fit it into the space allowed. Ideally, you would select the style of grill before you build the enclosure, so it fits properly and is made with the right fireproof materials.

One of the most popular options for outdoor patio cooks is the Bull Bison stainless steel freestanding grill. It has a 30-inch grill and is a foot-and-a-half deep for a lot of cooking space for even the busiest outdoor kitchens.

It is made of 18 gauge stainless steel with adjustable charcoal bins and manual elevation adjustment. It is equipped with a double-wall hood and solid stainless steel grates.

The patio kitchen should be constructed first, using heat and fireproof materials and then the Bull Bison stainless steel freestanding grill can be set in place. The grill can also be ordered with a stand for traditional use, especially if it will need to be moved around frequently.

Regardless of the brand or type of stainless steel grill, it will need appropriate care. It is a common misconception that because it is stainless, it will stay bright and shiny forever. The fact is, it can be stained by allowing water, dirt and other debris to stay on the surface. Especially cleaning products, like those contain bleach will stain the surface of the grill if allowed to stay there for long.

All grills will collect dirt and dust as they are by design used outdoors. Using a damp rag and wiping the grill’s outer surface down after each use will help it keep the shine of the stainless steel. A good grill cover is also recommended as they will keep rain and snow from getting on the outer surface preventing the grill from becoming dull and ragged looking. A little bit of care can go a long way in providing your grill with years of quality service.