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It’s safe to say in this day and age Cobb is the premier grill systems, especially for those who love to barbecue. Their amazing reputation is maintained not only because they are unique, but also because of the various awards these grills have won. This claim cannot be made of very many other brands of barbecue systems on the market, which is why Cobb is a sure bet for the money.

Those who want an easy to carry grill often choose Cobb due to their high quality and their ease of use. When you’re planning a picnic in the park or a cookout at the beach, a Cobb grill can quickly be setup anywhere and is extremely easy to use. While there are many other portable grills on the market, grills by Cobb can’t be beat in terms of durability, quality and price.

While Cobb is best known for their innovative and high quality grills, they also offer a wealth of grill accessories and parts. All of their products guarantee satisfaction and can help any griller stay prepared to make their best meal.

They offer easy-to-use grills, easy-to-transport grills, durable carry bags, recipe books, rubber cooking grommets, charcoal briquettes scientifically engineered, replacement parts, an OutdoorChef City Grill Wok for those who prefer stir-fry, griddle pads for those who want to add southern flavor and a roasting rack. No matter what you need for the ultimate grilling experience, Cobb can offer it to you.

Cobb offers their customers innovative designs including safety features like their wind shielding dome lid and their funnel technology. Their funnel technology helps cooks minimize burning and overcooking of their foods.

Even though the handy Notebook charcoal grill can serve up to six people on its incredibly wide surface, most of the folding grills are quite small in their size. The grills are made smaller due to the fact most of their customers wants something they can easily transport. In fact, most users enjoy the fact they can easily take their grill to the beach or park. Of course, those in the market for a barbecue grill are those who are looking not for size but portability.

By using a Cobb grill, people can expect to cut up to 77% of their charcoal usage. By cutting out some of their charcoal usage they can save money, cut down on waste and find themselves with easier and faster cleanup.

Prices for the Cobb Grill systems® range anywhere from a mere $49.95 for the said Outdoorchef City Grill Wok™ to a very fair $349.95 for the Cobb premier Grill Ultimate Combo™, which includes the Wok, fry pan, roasting rack and griddle along with the grill itself and a carry bag, recipe book and fire-starters. With the highest price set at less than $400.00, Cobb cannot be beat.