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Year after year turkeys have been baked or roasted in conventional ovens for the holiday season.

However, today many people are looking for new and exciting ways to cook their holiday turkey.

One of the most commonly used methods lately has been grilling. Most often when someone grills a turkey, it is done with indirect heat on an outdoor grill (using a pan of water to create steamy air).

Charcoal Grill Turkey Grilling

Before trying to grill a turkey, be sure you choose one that’s under 16 pounds and refrain from stuffing it.

You’ll be cooking at a low temperature and if you stuff the turkey it will take way too long for the inside to reach the necessary 165 degrees.

Start the process by ensuring your grill is clean and your charcoal is arranged in a pyramid on one side.

Light your charcoal and wait until the coals become red. Using an appliance thermometer, check the air temperature to ensure it gets anywhere between 225 and 300 degrees.

When it is hot enough, put a drip pan of water in the grill so you can create moisture needed for steam cooking. Position the coals around the pan of water and put the turkey onto the grill (breast up).

Cover the grill and add new briquettes every hour to ensure your temperature remains between 225 and 300 degrees. If you want to add flavor to the turkey, simply add water-soaked hardwood or fruitwood to the grill.

When your turkey reaches an internal temperature of 165 or higher, it’s done. Be sure to check the innermost area of the thigh and the breast.

Most often you’ll need between 15 and 20 minutes (per pound) when cooking on a covered charcoal grill. So, a ten pound turkey can take between 3 and 4 hours to cook. If you’ve never grilled a turkey before, be sure to allow for extra time.

Gas Grill Turkey Grilling

Cooking a turkey on a gas grill is very similar to the process you’d use to cook on a charcoal grill.

However, it’s important to place the pan of water under the grill’s grate when using a gas grill. It’s also best to put your turkey on a roasting pan instead of right on the grill.

If you want a smoky taste to your turkey this year, try grilling your holiday turkey on your outdoor grill. If you feel especially modern, you can also find ways to cook your favorite sides on the grill as well.

Grilled veggies and fruits can make delicious additions to any meal. The results will be healthy and tasty for you and your family!