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When it comes to smoking or grilling delectable meats, it does not get way easier than using a smoker grill! Whether or not it is chicken, steak, pork, or fish, your beef practically cooks itself while you are free to pass some time with your friends and family.

If you are new to barbecuing, you’re probably wondering how to employ a smoker grill. Here are some of the fundamentals to get you going.

Maybe the most vital step in barbecuing occurs not at the grill, but in the kitchen. Soaking meat for a few , or occasionally several hours in a marinade sauce prior to cooking can transform even the blandest meat into an exquisite treat! You can choose from an array of commonly available marinades, or, if you are feeling experimental, you can also make your own. Recipes for great marinades can be found in cooking books and on the internet.

So as to heat your food, you’ll need a fuel source. That’s where charcoal comes in. Using charcoal in a BBQ smoker grill couldn’t be less complicated. Using natural lump charcoal along with the smoker grill’s easy-to-use spinners and exhaust valves, you can adjust the airflow and establish the correct cooking temperature to ensure a great meal.

When using a smoker grill, the next significant thing is your wood choice. When you smoke your meats in the smoker grill, the meat will soak up the qualities of the woods you use to fire the grill. There are a wide variety of wood options.

Flavors go from the ever popular hickory that gives beef a powerful hazy flavor, to the mild fruit flavor of pecan, to the sweet flavor of apple wood.

When you learn how to use your smoker grill, you’ll be slinging beef like an old pro with everybody coming back for seconds. With a little knowledge and a little bit of practice, your smoker grill will shortly become your family’s favorite cooking system.