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Though barbecue grilling is wildly popular, if the cook fails to follow a few healthy barbecue cooking tips to prevent food borne illnesses, guests could end up ill. It’s easy for kitchen mistakes to be made if you find yourself cooking outside, with bacterium growing on meats being the biggest culprit.

Before anything else, steer clear of cross contamination by permitting diverse species of meats to come into contact.

Poultry, pork and beef should not come into contact prior to or while you’re cooking. Always make certain to use a plate for raw food and a totally different plate for cooked food, never permitting raw food particles to interact with cooked food.

When working with barbecue sauce, never spread the sauce over the meat when it’s raw. You are going to want to spread more sauce once through various stages of the cooking process.

This is simply not necessary and it truly is also dangerous. The brush you utilized to apply the sauce to the raw food is typically placed in the jar of sauce, transferring bacteria from the raw food into the remainder of the sauce, which is able to then be spread to any food items you put sauce on later.

To help keep it safe, make use of a metal pot to hold the sauce you intend on using and put it on the grill to keep it warm while the meat is being cooked. Once the meat is entirely cooked, you can spread the heated sauce from the pan and permit the meat to cook several more minutes to flavor the meat.

If you use larger cuts of meat for your barbeque it is a good option to use a meat thermometer to insure the food is cooked to the suitable temperature to kill all of the bacteria. This tends to prevent anyone from being made ill from consuming undercooked or raw food.