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As more and more people become interested in barbequing, the idea of barbequing on the grill comes to mind. Many people want to know the best ways to grill fish and actually get into a big discussion over just the right way to do it.

The reality is that fish is a food that is meant to be grilled. Unlike other foods you might cook on the grill, the direct heat from the grill allows fish to cook fast without removing any of its natural moisture thus making it juice with a substantial amount of flavor.

The most important thing you will encounter when cooking fish on the grill is to make sure it doesn’t stick. This means you must either add cooking oil to the surface on which you will be cooking or brush some oil on the fish.

Some people even choose to cook the fish in aluminum foil in order to prevent it from sticking. Fish only takes a few minutes to grill, so is perfect as a quick meal when you get off work.

It also works well for dinner parties when you are unsure when your guests will arrive. All you need to do is leave it soaking in a marinade or season it to your liking and put it on the grill a few minutes before your guests are ready to eat.

The most difficult part of grilling fish for most people is being able to tell when it is ready to come off the grill for serving. When fish is ready to come off the grill it will flake and look opaque all the way through. If you notice that any part of the fish is still glassy and somewhat translucent you know it isn’t done.

Under no circumstances do you want to serve undercooked fish. It is not only a health hazard but you may cause one of your guests to turn against fish for life.

The process will be much easier if you begin with a steak or filet that is evenly cut instead of attempting to use fresh fish from the ocean or lake. Lemon juice or melted butter is a great addition to grilled fish.