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Planning a barbeque meal might be exciting for anyone who is inviting friends or family members over to share your scrumptious BBQ recipes with!

However, when you plan a barbecue, you should take into consideration more than just which kind of meat you will serve.

While many people do appreciate the meat provided at a barbecue, the side dishes will make or break your event. So, when planning the next barbecue meal, make sure you think about the meat you’ll serve, in addition to the sides you’re planning.

When selecting meat for your BBQ meal, you ought to consider beef, lamb, chicken or pork. But, most people will want at least one vegetable to go with their meal and a few come immediately to mind when contemplating cooking on the grill.

Baked potatoes are great selections for the grill. They are frequently wrapped in foil and set on the coals of a charcoal grill, but they could also rest pleasantly for about an hour, with regards to the size of the potatoes, on the grate of a gas grill.

A second favorite barbequed side is corn on the cob. It’s best when it’s soaked the night before so when it is wrapped in foil and put on the grill, water in the husk can easily steam the corn. This also normally takes approximately one hour.

But, if you like your corn a little crispy it can be left on longer. If you love grilled onions, peppers and mushrooms, they also work good on the grill.

When barbecuing your corn, just make a pan from foil, curl up the edges to help keep the butter from running off the edges and add your veggies with about two to four tablespoons of butter or margarine on top of them. Then stick it on the grill. It is going to absorb some of the grill flavor and you could quickly have a delightful side dish to serve with your meat.

For dessert, make sure to have fruit on hand for cutting up or even grilling. Also, do not forget the condiments. Your burgers, steaks, chicken and pork might be juicy, but many condiments can increase the flavor of your food and, if you check with any kid, no hotdog is finished without a mound of ketchup.

You may also want to investigate some flavor sprays to add exclusive flavor to your food choice and to keep your guests fascinated with your delightful and progressive flavors.

In conclusion, planning a barbecue meal isn’t very difficult. It just takes a little time and effort. Just be sure to offer something vegetarian if your guests choose not to eat meat, like grilled portabella mushrooms or eggplant slices. By doing this, your food selection will be a success despite who you invite!