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Menu Ideas for BBQ CookingIf you do a substantial amount of outdoor cooking, you may be interested in finding different recipes.

It can become boring to you and those for whom you cook if you limit yourself to the usual hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, and chicken dishes.

Also, there is no reason you cannot take the same foods and prepare them different ways. In addition, there are many foods that most people do not think about when preparing food for the grill that you can add to your list.

Many people do not even think about using the barbeque grill to prepare things such as home made barbeque sauce, rubbing sauce for ribs, baked potatoes or even corn.

While it may take longer to prepare these foods on the grill, they certainly add some variety to the usual barbeque faire. Preparing corn on the cob is certainly a well known barbeque idea but not everyone adds it to their usual barbeque menu items; it is much easier to continue with the usual salads and vegetables prepared indoors before the barbeque.

Instead of making baked beans indoors, why not add the usual onions, ketchup/barbeque sauce, mustard, brown sugar, honey and whatever else you are going to add and allow them to simmer on your barbeque grill while you prepare the rest of the food?

The slow cooking time will allow the flavors to seep into the beans and provide a different flavor from any you can prepare indoors. This will be enhanced even more if you have a smoker because you can also add hickory-smoked flavor to your beans as well.

Corn on the cob and potatoes are even easier to prepare because you can put them right on the grill—you can wrap them in aluminum foil if you want, but it is not necessary.

There are actually two good reasons for preparing your cooking sauces on the grill: they taste better when you allow them to cook slowly and you can keep them warm until you are ready to use them. This makes it easier to use them since they have a tendency to thicken as they cool which makes it more difficult for spreading.