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Most outdoor grillers spend a lot of time making sure their grill is clean, not only because it helps the grill last, but food just tastes better on a clean grill. However, most of the time, the cooking surface is ignored until it is time to cook.

They fired up the grill, grab the steel brush and scrape off the remnants of the last thing they cooked. Throw a steak, a burger or some chicken on the freshly cleaned surface and, when it’s time to flip it, find some of it has stuck to the steel grid.

Since that happens almost every time, they work around it. There is a way to keep the food from sticking to the grill, and enhance its flavor at the same time.

By using nonstick barbecue grill spray the food will not stick, some sprays are flavored and cleanup time is cut considerably. Once all the cooking is done and the grate has a chance to cool off, wipe down the grid to prepare for the next outing.

When looking for nonstick barbecue grill spray there are usually three choices from which to choose: mesquite, hickory or unflavored.

They are sprayed directly onto the food before putting it on the grill to enhance the flavor and prevent the food from sticking. The unflavored choice keeps food from sticking without changing the flavor of the food.

These nonstick barbecue grill sprays can be used on gas or charcoal grills, with or without flavor chips and they can even be used indoors as well.

When the weather turns nasty and there’s a desire for the flavor of outdoor cooking, before dropping the food on the indoor electric grill, spray it with your favorite spray and enjoy. Most sprays can also be used with frying pans on gas stove tops as well. The food won’t stick to the pan inside either, also saving time in the kitchen.

Keep in mind that nonstick barbecue grill spray are in aerosol cans under pressure and can not be exposed to heat. When the food has been sprayed, set the can a safe distance from the grill to make sure it does not accidentally blow up and dampen the spirit of the cookout.