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Barbecuing can be one of the most fun and tasty activities you can do in the summertime, and it’ll be here before you know it. Whether you’re smoking some ribs, cooking a steak directly on the barbecue or just warming up some hot dogs, barbecuing gives you the chance to enjoy your meats with all sorts of flavors and options.

There are a number of ways you can participate in outdoor grilling. The most common method of outdoor grilling is to cook the meat directly on the grill. This usually takes place within a grill that has a closing lid. You can cook just about anything using the direct method, such as steaks, chicken, fish, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages or even vegetables.

Another way to grill is indirectly. Indirect grilling means that you cook on the barbecue without cooking the food directly on the flame of the grill. One of the most common methods of indirect grilling is by using one side of your grill’s burner. You then place the item to be cooked on the side of the burner that isn’t lit, thereby cooking the food with just the heat rather than direct flame.

Another method of indirect grilling is with a water pan. To do this, you take a pan made of aluminum foil and fill it with water. You can add any number of things to the water, such as spices, fruit juices, wine or herbs. As your food cooks, a vapor rises up out of the water pan that your food will absorb.

Pan roasting is another popular method of outdoor grilling. Most often, you’ll use the pan roasting method for larger food items. Pan roasting is especially good for a pot roast, or turkey. To pan roast something on your outdoor grill, put a drip pan on the top of the burners.

This lets the natural juices drip out the food into the baking pan, which will then give flavor to your meat. You can add seasonings with this method of outdoor grilling, just as you can with water pan outdoor grilling.

Smoking is yet another great way to grill food outdoors. You can smoke fish, beef, poultry or game. There are a variety of ways you can smoke your meat when grilling on your barbecue. One way is with wood chips of a particular sort.

Another way is with a smoker grill. You can also smoke your meat by simply placing your wood chips in water overnight, wrapping them in aluminum foil, and then placing it on your briquettes.

The final way to barbecue outside is to spit roast. Spit-roasting is a process whereby the meat rotates over the top of the flame or the heat, allowing the meat to keep its juices. Some grills even have a built-in spit-roaster.

No matter what way you choose to barbecue, outdoor grilling can bring fun, new tastes, and a whole new cooking experience to your summer barbecues.