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Summer is the time of year when everyone is doing some kind of barbecuing whether it is in the backyard, at tailgate parties or in a park with the kids, family and friends. With portable propane and charcoal grills there is no longer the need to tote hot dogs and hamburgers that are cold by the time you reach your destination.

With portable grills you can even have a tailgate party during the college football season and wait until you are ready to eat to cook the food. There’s no more eating cold hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken.

A portable grill is not only great for cooking meat when you’re tailgating, having a beach BBQ or are camping with the family. Sure, they cook hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and other meats to perfection. However, they can also be very helpful in preparing side items like baked potatoes or grilled corn on the cob.

For families who love to camp in the great outdoors, portable grills can also be great for cooking breakfast. Simply bring along a griddle to fit the top of the grill and you can easily cook bacon, sausage, pancakes, eggs and French toast.

Portable grills can make a camping trip a lot easier, especially if you are tent camping. Many families today choose to use campers (complete with stoves and bathrooms) during their camping excursions.

However, those who still love the idea of sleeping under the stars in their sleeping bags or in tents often use an open fire to cook their meals. This can be difficult if the weather doesn’t cooperate (rain) and using a fire can make it difficult to cook things evenly. However, portable propane or portable charcoal grills can make cooking a breeze while you’re out in the wilderness.

Thus, to have a barbecue picnic or cookout you must go elsewhere where they have community grills. Portable charcoal grills and portable propane grills allow you the freedom to host your picnic wherever you’d like to do so.

You can bring a portable grill to a sporting event tailgating area, to a park, to the beach or even to an amusement park picnic area and have tasty food you, your family and friends can enjoy.