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Great Barbecue Grilling Menu Ideas

As barbeque grilling gets to be more popular, people are becoming much more creative regarding the things they make. It’s no longer a matter of just hot dogs, cheese burgers, steak and chicken for the family picnic.

Even though it is more than likely quite a few things will never change, and the commonly used meat will perpetually remain extremely popular, many people are beginning to test in order to add extra selection to their outdoor food preparation.

Shish-kabob is definitely on the top of the list for cookouts. At home cooks are choosing any number of additions to this age-old meal: steak, chicken, shrimp, and beef, and also a wide selection of vegetables including tomatoes, onions and all kinds of peppers. The selections are limited only by the imagination of the cook.

As always BBQ chicken is a party favorite. The great thing with BBQ chicken is you can use a variety of salsas, and many cooks create their own sauces as well as marinades for outside cooking.

Barbecued ribs are becoming more popular as an outside cooking favorite. There are numerous selections of different sauces you can utilize that will appeal to the tastes of your guests irrespective of whether they take pleasure in mild or spicier sauces. You also have the option to keep the marinade warm so it can be much easier to spread.

Grilled fish is additionally making its entry into the realm of the outdoor barbecue. There is not any need to be afraid of the fish breaking apart and winding up in the bottom of the barbecue pit if you take proper care in the way you prepare it. Many people use foil on their barbeques grills anyways, which will prevent any droppings from entering the flames.

It simply wouldn’t be a BBQ if you didn’t include cheese burgers! Actually, if any of your visitors are children, they are likely to be dissatisfied if you don’t include burgers among the other selections of salads, fruits, or tasty outdoor drinks and desserts.

Don’t hesitate to attempt different ways for preparing burgers. You shouldn’t have to stick with the basic grilled burger you’ve been eating for your entire life.

If you really want to take your Barbecue grilling outdoor experience to the next level, use these tips and ideas to enable you to develop delicious meals this grilling year!

Tips for Cooking Salmon and Other Sorts of Fish on the Barbecue

For lots of people, there are few things greater than salmon or other types of fish cooked over an open fire or hot charcoal coals.

However, many are reluctant to try to cook fish on their barbecue grill because of the potential to fail to cook them completely or due to the potential for a mess on the barbeque grill.

Salmon particularly is flaky when grilled and if not handled properly, it can crumble while dealing with it. There are however a few simple steps you can take to ensure success.

If utilizing a gas grill, pre-heat the grill with lid closed until it reaches a temperature of 350 degrees. For charcoal, place all the coals on either side so that when scorching, you’ve got a hot side and warm side on your grill. It is important to preheat your grill before putting your fish on the grate.

If you would like your fish to refrain from sticking onto the grates, just coat either side with olive oil or mayonnaise. Using mayonnaise does not only keep it from sticking, but it will melt away leaving no trace within the fish to influence its taste. After cooking the first side, as indexed in the cooking times below, turn it over and complete cooking. The time you must cook the fish will depend all on the size of the fish filet being prepared. The fuller the filet, the longer it will need.

Grilling periods:

– 4 Oz, High Heat, 3 minutes for each side

– 8 Oz, High Heat, 5 minutes for each side

– Whole Fish, High Heat, 7 minutes for each side

– Kabobs, High Heat, 5 minutes for each side

Certainly, the grilling time will vary depending on the grill and the thickness of the filet you’re working with. The times listed were designed as a guide only and you may need to follow precise recipe suggestions as well as make certain the fish has been completely cooked before serving.

There are several recipes for grilling salmon and other fish that can increase the grilling experience. You also can wrap the fish in aluminum foil permitting it to basically bake in its unique juices to keep it tender.

Not just is fish a delicious meal you can bake on the grill, but it’s also rather healthy. Make certain you remember to heat your grill some time before placing the fish on it and just turn the fish just once, to avoid it from flaking too much.

How to Barbecue Safely

Nearly everyone enjoys cooking outdoors over their barbecue grill. Some enjoy gas grills and there are those who prefer charcoal over gas. However, regardless of your preference, there are a few simple tricks to make your barbecue cooking safer in various ways.

When it comes to grill safety, it isn’t always about not being burned. In fact, there are many things which can harm you during barbecue cooking, including food poisoning. Here are a few tips to make sure you or your guests do not suffer from food poisoning from cooking outdoors.

One of the most common mistakes people make when barbecue cooking, is the choice of when to add sauce to the meat. It doesn’t matter whether it is beef, chicken or pork, each type of meat must be thoroughly cooked.

This will ensure the cooking process kills any bacteria that can cause food borne illness. It is common practice to lather on the sauce, before putting the meat on the grill. Many people do this because they believe it will better enhance the flavor of your food.

However, when it comes to food safety, this is possibly the worst thing you can do. What happens is, most cooks will use a barbecue brush to brush their favorite barbecue sauce onto the raw meat.

This means any bacteria that was present on the uncooked meat, will be on the brush when it is placed in the container of sauce. This quickly contaminates the entire container. After the meat continues to cook and more sauce is added, the cook is adding the bacteria back onto the partially cooked meat.

This process can go on and on, simply spreading the bacteria onto the meat with each additional application of sauce. To reduce this possibility, the best method is to fully cook the meat first, then add the sauce in the last few minutes of cooking. This will retain the flavor of the sauce, without contaminating the food.

In addition, it will help you keep from burning the ribs due to the high content of sugar in the sauce. If you are afraid of adding cold sauce to the hot meat, you can place the container of sauce on the grill and heat it up while the meat is cooking and then brush it onto the cooked meat.

To eliminate the possibility of food illnesses during barbecuing, you should also use a different plate to place the cooked food on. For example, do not use the same plate to hold the cooked meat as you did to bring the uncooked meat out to the grill.

Juices from the uncooked meat will still have contaminates on it and by placing the cooked food on the same plate will transfer the bacteria onto the cooked food. This will greatly increase the chances of making your guests ill.

Remember, barbecue safety doesn’t only rely on trying not to burn yourself. Using safe cooking practices is also a huge part of being safe while barbecuing.

The Way To Cook Awesome Barbecue Chicken

Anyone who cooks on their barbecue grill often likely has a barbeque chicken recipe, along with a variety of grilling tips they love to use.

Barbecue chicken is one of the favorites often made on the grill and can also ignite a passion in the real chicken barbecue enthusiast. Needless to say, there aren’t very many marinades that are made especially for chicken that can compare to barbecue sauce.

To produce a basic marinade, you will require about a half-gallon of water, about two tablespoons of kosher salt, just under one-half cup of brown sugar, a bit of fresh thyme and two crushed cloves of garlic. Mix it all up and place it in a sealable container. Then you’re able to add the chicken, with the skin on. Ideally, the chicken should soak in this blend for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.

However, if time is limited, a minimum of 30-minutes will be needed to allow the ingredients to soak in to the chicken. It isn’t recommended you soak the chicken immediately, as it might end up too marinated. Also, you should definitely place the marinating meat in the fridge during the marinated, since it’s uncooked.

Be sure you preheat your grill prior to when you put the meat on it, lightly coating the grates with oil. This will ensure that the skin on the chicken won’t stick and peel off while cooking.

To prevent contamination, never ever put barbecue sauce on uncooked chicken. When you are ready to put the chicken on your grill, be sure to use a paper towel to pat off the extra marinade before it hits the grill.

After cooking it about half-way through, coat the entire chicken piece using your sauce and flip it over. The moment it has been cooked completely, coat the top with extra sauce and after around two or three minutes, flip it again. Afterward, add more sauce. When you serve the meat hot off the bbq grill, make sure you have some added sauce for those who want to get sloppy when they eat.

For an extra special flavor boost, clear away the chicken from the grill and bring it into your kitchen. Just dip the chicken in the sauce and place it in your oven, pre-heated to 375-degrees, for about eight minutes. It’s a bit more work to cook it in this way, but the taste can be really worth the extra effort.

For individuals who love creating their own tastes, you could choose to add more ingredients to your Bbq sauce. Many people today decide to use cinnamon, sugar or mustard when they are cooking with sweet barbecue sauce. Needless to say, spicy bar-b-q sauces go far better with onion, green pepper and cumin.

How Grill Spray Can Help You Add Flavor To Your Food

If you want to dress up your boring barbecued food with an easy to use product, grill spray might be your saving grace. Grill spray has become extremely popular this year because it offers home cooks an easy way to add flavor to their grilled foods without requiring any additional time or skill.

Why grill spray is so popular

Inexpensive grill spray is a great way cooks and chefs can add flavor to their food while they are cooking or grilling it. It’s basically artificial flavoring, although you can certainly find all-natural grill sprays to utilize as well. The product is sprayed directly onto the food and allows for a tastier flavor to emerge as the result.

Some common flavors include hickory and mesquite which are two of the most well-loved tastes associated with the act of barbecuing. Of course, not everyone can capture these mouthwatering tastes, and so grill sprays like those from Grill Magic ®, serve to provide the flavor for which so many people yearn. In this way, grill spray can be quite addictive…in a good way!

Grilling spray works well with so many foods, and has even inspired recipes that revolve around the spray, as if it were a food beyond its mere seasoning function. Some recipes involve BBQ pork chops, asparagus, egg noodles, Asian poached salmon, shrimp, fettuccine, turkey, BLTs, hot and sour baked chicken, shish kabob, spare ribs, steak (T-bone, sirloin, etc), frittatas, hamburgers and sausage. Recipes even extend to non-cooked favorites such as strawberries and other fruits, smoothies, cookies and cream, almonds, ice cream and even donuts and cakes. Fruits such as strawberries are very popular with grill spray because of the mixed flavors, especially mochaccino. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to being easy to use, versatile and tasty, grilling spray is also very safe to use. It can work with any type of cooking fuel, such as charcoal, lump coal, propane, gas, wood, wood chunk or electricity. Of course, the can of spray won’t last forever so when it’s empty you will need to take care to dispose of it like any other aerosol can. However, the spray itself poses no risk to health and can often give you more flavor with much fewer calories.

While grill spray can take boring food and turn it into a fantastic meal in only a few seconds, it also can help you stay within your family’s food budget quite easily. Grilling spray can save your health (due to it being low in calories and fat) and also save your wallet! Most cans can be found at your local grocery store for less than $3 each which can help you have more luxury to try various flavors without feeling the financial burden. Your family will love the new tastes, you will feel great knowing you’re giving them something healthy and your budget will stay right on track when you choose to use grill spray.

How You Can Go Green When Barbecuing

Warm weather and outdoor grilling brings about memories of family, friends, laughter and great food on the grill. Getting together with friends or family for a barbecue is something that has become tradition for families in America and in other areas of the world, including in Canada and in England. The thrill of barbecuing has reached all the way around the world, becoming popular in all areas.

While barbecuing was once linked to world pollution, harm to the ozone and global warming, today it’s much different. Modern barbecuing can be done in a way in which it does no damage to the environment.

The switch from regular processed coal to lump coal when grilling has taken outdoor grilling into the “greener” area of cooking. With lump charcoal, grillers are getting the taste and smells they desire without the coal putting off as much carbon monoxide into the air. The grilling industry has worked to find these new ways to reduce the chemical pollution amounts associated with outdoor grilling.

Flavor sprays for barbecues have also done a lot to eliminate the use of regular charcoal for outdoor grilling. BBQ sprays are able to add the flavor the cook wants, without using charcoal or other flavored fuels that may be toxic to the environment. But, regular charcoal is still very inexpensive so many people are still choosing to use it for grilling to save money in today’s economic crisis.

As a matter of fact, the barbecue industry has become economy-friendly as well. Merchandise has become cost-effective with regards to affordability. Items are offered at considerably lower prices than they once were. In addition, safer fuel options, such lump coal, are made more available to people along with grilling systems designed to accommodate these fuels and the protection of the environment.

Tips You Can Use To Go Green With Barbecuing

  • If you really want to help the environment, use solar grills, propane grills or electric grills. If you can’t get away from charcoal, use lump coal instead of carbon monoxide emitting charcoal briquettes.
  • Another way to protect yourself and the environment is to use only lean meats on your grill or trim the fat before grilling. When fat drips onto the coals of your grill, it releases carcinogens. These carcinogens then redeposit into the meat from the emitted smoke.
  • To completely cut out the fat-induced carcinogen drippings and smoke, cut out the meat altogether. You can use meat alternatives like soy hamburgers or meatless hotdogs. In addition, large mushrooms make delicious burger replacements. Not only will you be eating healthy but also cleaner. Of course, if you can’t do without the meat, think about grilling chicken or fish instead of fatty red meats.