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Things to Remember When Purchasing a Charcoal BBQ Grill

Bison Charcoal BBQ GrillIt may be hard to believe it, but not all charcoal grills are made the same.

Although they all pretty much work the same, choosing the right barbecue grill is important.

In fact, choosing the right grill can make a big difference in the level of enjoyment you could get out of cooking outdoors.

When looking for a new grill, whether charcoal or gas, there are a few things you should consider before you make your decision.

First and foremost, think about the size of the cooking surface you will need.

If there are only two or three people you will typically barbecue for, a small grill will likely be sufficient. If you will often be cooking for a large group, a larger cooking surface will be required.

However, don’t be fooled by what the manufacturers advertise as the grill’s surface measurements, especially if your grill has a warming grate. Often the size of these grates is included in the advertised cooking surface, which can make the cooking surface seem smaller.

Don’t hesitate to take your tape measure with you when looking for a new grill, to measure the grate on which the actual cooking will take place. To get an accurate measurement, simply measure the width and depth of the cooking grate and multiply the two numbers.

This will help you find the actual cooking surface of the grill, in square inches. Again, if you’re cooking for only two or three people, you should be able to simply look at the grill and visualize how many burgers, dogs or chicken breasts you can fit on the grates.

Today’s grills have many extras attached to them, which can not only allow you to utilize your grill in different ways, but can also add to the cost of the grill itself. Side burners seem like a good addition, but before spending the extra cash, consider how often you might actually use them.

If you will use a lot of barbecue sauce in your recipes, the side burner can be useful in keeping it warm while your meat cooks. But, if you plan to use it to boil water to cook corn on the cob or other vegetables, just make sure it will provide enough BTU to get the job done. Often, side burners won’t be powerful enough to boil a pot of water.

If you move the grill around frequently, choosing a grill with wheels can be a bonus. In addition, buying a stainless steel grill can make sense if you will use it often, but to keep it looking new you’ll have to adhere to proper maintenance.

When it’s time for you to purchase a new barbecue grill, start by thinking about whether you want a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Then, narrow down your choices by the size of the cooking surface area of each grill you are considering. Lastly, think about what extras and grill additions you may desire and which of the grills you’re considering come with these extras.

How Grill Spray Can Help You Add Flavor To Your Food

If you want to dress up your boring barbecued food with an easy to use product, grill spray might be your saving grace. Grill spray has become extremely popular this year because it offers home cooks an easy way to add flavor to their grilled foods without requiring any additional time or skill.

Why grill spray is so popular

Inexpensive grill spray is a great way cooks and chefs can add flavor to their food while they are cooking or grilling it. It’s basically artificial flavoring, although you can certainly find all-natural grill sprays to utilize as well. The product is sprayed directly onto the food and allows for a tastier flavor to emerge as the result.

Some common flavors include hickory and mesquite which are two of the most well-loved tastes associated with the act of barbecuing. Of course, not everyone can capture these mouthwatering tastes, and so grill sprays like those from Grill Magic ®, serve to provide the flavor for which so many people yearn. In this way, grill spray can be quite addictive…in a good way!

Grilling spray works well with so many foods, and has even inspired recipes that revolve around the spray, as if it were a food beyond its mere seasoning function. Some recipes involve BBQ pork chops, asparagus, egg noodles, Asian poached salmon, shrimp, fettuccine, turkey, BLTs, hot and sour baked chicken, shish kabob, spare ribs, steak (T-bone, sirloin, etc), frittatas, hamburgers and sausage. Recipes even extend to non-cooked favorites such as strawberries and other fruits, smoothies, cookies and cream, almonds, ice cream and even donuts and cakes. Fruits such as strawberries are very popular with grill spray because of the mixed flavors, especially mochaccino. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to being easy to use, versatile and tasty, grilling spray is also very safe to use. It can work with any type of cooking fuel, such as charcoal, lump coal, propane, gas, wood, wood chunk or electricity. Of course, the can of spray won’t last forever so when it’s empty you will need to take care to dispose of it like any other aerosol can. However, the spray itself poses no risk to health and can often give you more flavor with much fewer calories.

While grill spray can take boring food and turn it into a fantastic meal in only a few seconds, it also can help you stay within your family’s food budget quite easily. Grilling spray can save your health (due to it being low in calories and fat) and also save your wallet! Most cans can be found at your local grocery store for less than $3 each which can help you have more luxury to try various flavors without feeling the financial burden. Your family will love the new tastes, you will feel great knowing you’re giving them something healthy and your budget will stay right on track when you choose to use grill spray.