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Using Wood Chunks and Chips When Barbecuing

Hickory Wood Chunk BagNearly everyone enjoys the taste of food cooked on the grill and by utilizing wood chips or chunks, you can boost the natural flavor of cooking food over an open flame.

Whether you make use of a charcoal or gas grill, flavors can be added in by making use of wood chunks or chips through the cooking process. Essentially, you have two options when using them. The one you choose will be determined by the quantity of the smoke flavor you would like to introduce in your food.

The most commonly used wood chips are hickory wood chips, which can be generally used in combination with beef or pork. But, apple wood is additionally common for almost any sort of meat cooked on the grill.

If you need a heavy smoky flavor, you can put some of the chips or chunks directly on the fire. But, this process works best with a charcoal barbecue grill. Placing wood chips on the flame of a gas grill can produce flames which will cook the outside of the food too quickly, causing it to burn up on the exterior while being still uncooked inside.

It’s best to soak the wood in water until they’re damp. Once wet, wrap them in high quality foil and immediately after poking a few holes in the foil to allow the steam to escape, place them on the grill grate along with the meat.

The steam will bring the taste from the chips or chunks and soak it into the meat. If you slow cook the food like this, it’ll give you intense flavor. How much flavor will be determined by the amount of chips used and how long the meat is confronted with the smoke from the chips.

The first time you use flavored wood chunks or chips might require some modifications to the amount of chips you utilize, how wet you’ve made them, and the variety of holes you poke into the foil.

As you test out the process making use of wood chunks and chips, you possibly can make modifications to reach the level of flavor that fits your own private preference. While it’s really a trial and error process, once you know the routine you need to use to receive the flavor you’d like, you’ll be able to easily repeat it every time you grill outside.

Why Is Wood Best For Grilling?

Since the days of caveman cooking, wood has been the most popular source of fuel for outdoor cooking and grilling. When cavemen were living, they found wood quite abundant which is likely why they used it for fires.

However, today it’s also used most often because it’s inexpensive and can effectively and safely help people cook their food.

When it comes to the safety of wood, the way the wood is processed means quite a lot. It can determine how safe the wood is for the environment and for humans. In addition, it can determine how well the wood will burn.

One of the most performance-efficient wood fuels in the world currently is the Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) because it has very little effect on the environment and on the health of humans. Thus, it’s very popular and commonly used.

Wood is widely used as a source for fuel in grilling, despite is chemical properties that could potentially be harmful.

However, the processing of woods for grilling minimizes the chemical output and can even minimize the burning consumption. The fact this has made wood a renewable energy source is likely one of the greatest advantages of wood.

As mentioned, wood is widely available and inexpensively processed so naturally it is low in cost. Wood can be purchased in a variety of locations in either log form, slabs or even in chips.

Wood chips have become a prevalent source of fuel in industry as well, due to its cost effectiveness. In addition, wood chips are popular due to its applicability to an array of energy purposes, such as automatic heating systems, which are contingent on continuous, easy burning fuel to meet their programmed quotas.

Wood chips and wood pellets are both small and facilitate the ease of storage, transportation and consumption.

As far as grilling goes, the multiple flavors in which wood is available make this use of this fuel source even more tantalizing. Food prepared gains enhanced flavor from the burning wood.

When various types of wood are combined, the ultimate taste is unique and heavenly. One can imagine how meat will taste when cooked over a mixture of mesquite wood, hickory wood, apple wood, maple wood and cherry-flavored woods, for example.

The thought can get your mouth watering in seconds. Other flavors of wood commonly used in grilling include: guava, kiawe, pecan and oak.

While you can certainly use gas or propane for your preferred grilling fuel, the advantages to using wood still outweighs the others. It has been used effectively since the days of the cavemen, is inexpensive and is widely available.

It can even be used to add extra flavor to foods, via flavored wood chips or planks. Using wood can also be great for the environment, with the newest wood processing methods removing chemicals from the wood before it’s burned.