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Barbecue cooking is a year round phenomenon across all areas of America and most of the rest of the world.

While there are many barbecue accessories and tools on the market, the one innovation which has taken cooking and eating to new heights is flavored cooking spray and the advantages testify to this.

Flavoring sprays, which can be used at the barbecue or any time of the year at supper time, accommodate anyone’s and everyone’s particular taste.

This is because these sprays come in a wide array of delectable flavors and also combine with other flavor enhancers, such as burning wood. They create whole new tastes endemic to the preferences of the cooks and eaters. Food has never been more individualized than this!

Another advantage flavoring sprays have is they ensure strong richness throughout the eating process because the sprays are added to the meat during and after cooking where it is absorbed immediately.

The more spray applied, the richer the flavor. This ensures the taste meets the particular preference of the eater and gives the cook complete control of the flavor overall.

One well known flavoring spray is PAM, though it isn’t really considered a flavor enhancer as much as it is a non-stick application for eggs and other foods that can easily adhere to the bottom of the pan. PAM provides the buttery flavor to toast and other cooked foods without any of the fat and cholesterol found in actual buttery.

Those who are watching their weight and those who thrive on eating health find this perfect for their needs. Those who crave savory or sweet flavors can quickly get the taste they desire without the extra calories and fat. Flavored sprays are virtually calorie-free.

In today’s day and age of the environmentally conscious, especially with regard to global warming, “green” foods are of the essence. Flavoring sprays are ideal because they do NOT pose a threat to the surrounding environment, nor are they dangerous with regard to human health as alluded to above).

After all, the ingredients of flavoring sprays are non-toxic. They are inexpensive and easy to find in great variety in every local supermarket.

Whether the home cook wants apple flavor in a hamburger or hickory or mesquite in spare ribs, both choices leave the mouth watering and will ensure a lasting memory.

Yes, burning wood is known for creating carbon monoxide to disperse into the air, but the spray and the flavor produced are clean and powerful. When it comes to an eating experience that is what is most important.

Of course, because these sprays are “green”, any emission of toxins or other poisonous residue from burning wood would be next-to-nothing. Anything negative would be minimal and negligible and the advantages of flavoring spray in the end would therefore be totally worth it.