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Although people love grilling on a high heat charcoal grill, for most likely the best flavor of food, slow cooking outside the house is hard to do better than.

Using special flavors can also increase the flavor and texture of foodstuff cooked on the grill and can generally add to the tenderness of many meats.

Maintaining the flavor while maintaining the natural juices in any meats cooked over hot coals or open flame offers among the better taste treats ever made.

For instance, when cooking a steak on the barbecue grill, you can start off with a hot grill to sear the surface of the meat in the initial stages of cooking.

This process enables you to trap all juices inside so they won’t leak out as you slow cook the rest of the meat. Many feel that a gas grill works best for this procedure as the flame might be diminished after searing the outside surfaces of the various meats and allow for slow cooking of the other parts of the product to perfection.

An additional benefit of slow cooking outdoors is the chance to use seasonings on the grill. You can creatively use flavored wood chips to build a smokey flavor numerous slow cookers offer. With charcoal, the wood chips can be added right to the charcoal.

Using a gas grill, the chips may be soaked in water and then covered with aluminum foil with holes punched in it to permit the flavored steam to permeate the meat on the BBQ grill.

A big bonus of slow cooking outdoors is the meat will hardly ever be overcooked. Whenever you cook over a hot fire or coals, there is the risk of burning the exterior of whatever is on the grill.

Once that takes place, even if the inside is still red, there isn’t any turning back. Slow cooking out in the open gives you the advantage of having better command over how the meat is grilled, from rare to medium to well done, it really is cooked without concern about burning.

If you have the time and the patience requires, slow cooking on a grill is a superb way to create a top notch meal for your relatives this summer.

While almost all meats will lend themselves to being slow cooked, a beef brisket or roast is generally a great variety of meat to begin with.

Remember to keep your temperature low prior to the last 30 minutes or so of cooking. It may take up to 6 hours to prepare the meat, although the result will be worth the further effort you add into monitoring and making the meat.