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While you’re preparing to barbecue, whether it’s simply for you and your family or you are hosting an event, you need to make sure you are well-prepared.

Insufficient preparation may cause not only poorly prepared food but can also make a safety hazard.

Five of the most important tips to take into account when you are barbecuing are listed below though not necessarily in order of importance.

1. Keep your Barbecue equipment nearby.

It could be very dangerous if you leave the grilling area so you can access your gear. While there could be times you can safely leave the spot while you’re awaiting the meat or vegetables to finish the cooking cycle, it’s best to still stay within close range to ensure nothing goes wrong.

2. Set up and marinate all food before you place it on the grill.

If you try to marinate your meat while it is grilling, you can be inadvertently burned. Moreover, the operation of marinating steak or chicken on the grill could cause an unruly fire.

3. Be sure you make food at safe temps.

One oversight many outdoor cooks make is attempting to speed the task by cooking the foods at a heat range that is higher than necessary. This practice results in not only a fire hazard but also boosts the chance of overcooking the food. Rather than attempting to cook food quickly (excluding those recipes that call for it), pick a lower temperature and let the food to savor the seasonings.

4. Always clean your grill after use.

It is important to make sure you clean the grill each time you utilize it. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a charcoal or gas grill. Cooking will cause grease to drip to the coals or the lava rocks and can cause a fire next time you make an effort to fire the grill for use. Taking this little precaution will help you avoid a potential disaster.

5. Always dispose of your hot coals safely.

One of the many unsafe tasks a person might do is leave sizzling coals where they might catch something on fire. When you remove the coals from your grill, either place them right into a fireproof pail full of sand or cool them with water. Never ever should you leave a hot grill of any sort on a wooden deck or porch.