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Do you love to barbecue in the summer? If not, I’m sure you know someone who does. The funny things about those who do, is that there are so many differing ways of doing things!

It’s kind of like that old saying; one man’s trash is another’s treasure. What may seem completely odd to one cook may be completely natural to another. For instance, a lot of people will leave the husk on their corn, and throw it on the grill. Others put it on the grill in a pan of water. Same thing goes for potatoes, except with them a lot of people wrap them in aluminum foil.

One tip you’ll wish to remember is if you are using a gas grill you wish to remember the cooking time is much quicker than with a charcoal grill. Another tip with a gas grill is to cook your food on a medium or low setting. Do not attempt to rush things by cooking on high or you will actually overcook your food and even run the risk of burning something.

If you’re cooking more than one type of food, such as steak with hot dogs, keep in mind that one will take longer to cook than the other, and adjust your cooking schedule as necessary. You cannot put them on at the same time and attempt to speed up the cooking of one to keep up with the other. To accompany these different times, simply put the food that takes longer to cook on first.

Does your grill have a warming area? If so, don’t use it to cook the foods that don’t take as long. For instance, if you’ve to make chicken and hot dogs, don’t put the hot dogs on the warming area to cook. Cook the chicken first, then put that on the warming area, and the hot dogs on the main part of the grill.

You can also use the warmer to keep sauces, like your barbecue sauce – warm, or for other things like butter for the corn and potatoes. What else can you do for an awesome barbecue? Try using non-stick spray on your grates or aluminum fire – just make sure you do not spray it on after the grill is hot or you may have a huge flare up. There are also special non-flare grilling sprays you could try.

If you’re interested in trying new flavors but wish to stay away from the added calories and fat they may provide – you have an alternative: grilling sprays. Located in your grocer’s aisles, these can lend new and exciting flavors to an already awesome meal!