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*** Update – Unfortunately, we didn’t get quite enough votes, but maybe we will next time…

Want to see our Jim Beam® Oak Barrel Chips & Charcoal on the shelf at Walmart? So do we!

We have submitted our new Jim Beam® Charcoal product to the Walmart “Get It On the Shelf” program, a new program for Walmart shoppers to vote on products they want to buy.

We’ve used the delicious flavor of Jim Beam® barrels to bring you a wood smoked taste like no other!


We are halfway home!

We have already made it through Walmart’s internal voting, and have made it to the consumer voting round. There is only one product per category, and we beat out all the other contestants in the BBQ category!

The Jim Beam® Oak Barrel Wood Chips with Best of the West Natural Oak Lump Charcoal make a great combination, and the Jim Beam® wood chips are mixed in with our Natural Oak Lump Charcoal.

Get Jim Beam Oak Barrel Chips / Charcoal at Walmart

Please Help by Voting at Walmart

We are asking for your vote. (Note: You can vote once per day up to September 2nd.) Please send the link below to everyone you know. We are very excited, and want to thank you for your help with this.

Please click on this link to cast your vote!