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Do you love the taste of smoked meat or fish but do not know how to get that terrific smoky flavor you crave? Not sure if you are able to get the flavor you want on your current barbecue grill, but don’t desire to spend the money on an expensive smoker?

You will be happy to learn that you can actually smoked meats quite well on both gas and charcoal grills. One thing you need to bear in mind is that the size and style of your burners on whatever type of grill you own, will directly have an impact on whether or not you will succeed in smoking on your grill. The reason for this really is that it is necessary to maintain a consistent 225° in order to properly smoke food.

If you do choose to buy a meat smoker, they’re available in many different sizes, styles and price ranges. Depending on what your needs are it may be possible for you to make use of a small gas grill, but if you do a great deal of smoking it may be necessary for you to purchase a large trailer mounted pit smoker. You can decide if the purchase is going to be worth the reward!

You are able to also choose a vertical water smoker. This works by keeping a water pan between the food and heat source. What this does is regulates the temperature to a steady 212° in order to properly smoke. Your choices with these type of models vary between electric, charcoal, and propane.

Another cool thing about water smokers? Some can even double as barbecue grills – talk about getting the most bang for your buck!

Fish can be smoked either using hot smoking or cold smoking. Any smoker can be used for hot smoking, but if you are interested in cold smoking for fish you will need to purchase a cold smoker. While hot smoking is accomplished at temperatures which vary from 212-225 degrees Fahrenheit, cold smoking requires a temperature of no more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Salmon for example is cured in a solution of salt and sugar before it is smoked with the smoking process, taking anywhere up to three weeks. The amount of time it is smoked is personal preference and based on the kind of flavor you want to achieve.

Smokers are designed to fit every need and budget. It is possible to buy a smoker at a garage sale for just a few dollars or buy a top of the line model that costs thousands of dollars. Certainly, the more you pay for meat smokers determines the quality of the product.

However, if your budget does not allow you to spend a great deal of money; you can still purchase a decent quality smoker for a price within your budget. Conducting some research will help you find the best meat smokers to use for smoking meats and fish that fit into your budget and personal needs. In addition, you are able to find delicious smoked meat and smoked fish recipes in various cookbooks or on recipe online sites.