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Using Wood Chunks and Chips When Barbecuing

Hickory Wood Chunk BagNearly everyone enjoys the taste of food cooked on the grill and by utilizing wood chips or chunks, you can boost the natural flavor of cooking food over an open flame.

Whether you make use of a charcoal or gas grill, flavors can be added in by making use of wood chunks or chips through the cooking process. Essentially, you have two options when using them. The one you choose will be determined by the quantity of the smoke flavor you would like to introduce in your food.

The most commonly used wood chips are hickory wood chips, which can be generally used in combination with beef or pork. But, apple wood is additionally common for almost any sort of meat cooked on the grill.

If you need a heavy smoky flavor, you can put some of the chips or chunks directly on the fire. But, this process works best with a charcoal barbecue grill. Placing wood chips on the flame of a gas grill can produce flames which will cook the outside of the food too quickly, causing it to burn up on the exterior while being still uncooked inside.

It’s best to soak the wood in water until they’re damp. Once wet, wrap them in high quality foil and immediately after poking a few holes in the foil to allow the steam to escape, place them on the grill grate along with the meat.

The steam will bring the taste from the chips or chunks and soak it into the meat. If you slow cook the food like this, it’ll give you intense flavor. How much flavor will be determined by the amount of chips used and how long the meat is confronted with the smoke from the chips.

The first time you use flavored wood chunks or chips might require some modifications to the amount of chips you utilize, how wet you’ve made them, and the variety of holes you poke into the foil.

As you test out the process making use of wood chunks and chips, you possibly can make modifications to reach the level of flavor that fits your own private preference. While it’s really a trial and error process, once you know the routine you need to use to receive the flavor you’d like, you’ll be able to easily repeat it every time you grill outside.

What’s The History Behind The Charcoal Grill?

Since before the colonial years in America, people have been grilling food. The idea probably originated with the Arawak people who roasted meat on a wooden structure that was referred to as a barbacoa in Spanish. For quite a while the phrase was used to describe the structure on its own rather than the process of grilling.

Throughout time, the name went on to mean the pit style format of cooking being utilized in Southeastern areas of America. It was originally an operation employed to slow cook hogs, but as various methods of food preparation were developed, local variations became commonplace with the addition of hamburgers and hot dogs being later additions to the menu.

E. G. Kingsford developed the modern charcoal briquette. Kingford was related to Henry Ford and discovered there were tons of wood scraps being discarded throughout the manufacturing of the Model T. Kingsford developed the idea of creating a charcoal manufacturing facility next to the assembly line with the aim of selling the charcoal under the Ford name to all the Ford dealerships. After Kingsford passed on, the name of the company was switched to Kingsford Charcoal Co to respect him.

George Stephen is responsible for the style and creation of the hemispherical grill layout which his friends and neighbors jokingly referred to as “Sputnik”. Stephen was a welder employed by Weber Brothers Metal Works, a metal manufacturing shop whose main concern was melding steel spheres together in order to make buoys.

To help resolve the situation of finding ash on his food after he barbequed it, he created the buoy body of the grill. He then fabricated another hemisphere to use as a lid and thus the coming of the Weber grill and later Weber-Stephen Products Co. was born.

William G. Wepfer and Melton Lancaster of Little Rock, Arkansas were the inventors of the outdoor gas grill. Wepfer was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and as the Director of Marketing, had the responsibility of finding new ways to inspire ARKLA residents to purchase natural gas. This gave Wepfer the theory to acquire a basic charcoal grill and modernize it in his garage area using natural gas as fuel for the new grill.

Essential Barbecue Cooking Tools

It’s always barbecue season in the United States, with people barbecuing year round even in snowy weather! Learning to use a barbecue is not very difficult but there are a few things which can make the experience easier.

Whether one is going camping, having a luau, or merely preparing a picnic in the backyard, the right tools have to be accounted for and used appropriately.

Cooking tools consist of a wide variety of supplies, from mere utensils to pots and pans to specialty devices and racks for many particular uses. Below is a basic list which provides the multitude of common items used in preparation for those extraordinary outside events.

Flavor Accessories

These accessories can be easily used to help infuse richer flavors to your barbecued meats and vegetables. You can quickly add flavor without adding calories with a great barbecue rub or spray, allowing you to keep your meals healthy but also tasty.

* Basting awl, basting fingers and basting mop (steel, plastic, silicone)
* BBQ sauce (various flavors)
* Flavor sprays
* Marinade injector
* Marinade spray
* BBQ Rubs

Appliance Accessories

These accessories and tools are used as complements to the grill itself. They can help hold the meat, cook other dishes on the grill top or simply assist in the cooking process overall.

* Bean and sauce pot
* BBQ chicken rack
* Cast iron pot (stainless steel as well)
* Chile grill
* Chip smoker (stainless steel)
* Digital thermometer Dutch oven (with trivet)
* Garlic bread grill
* Grilling grid
* Grilling basket
* Grilling planks
* Grilling Wok
* Grill press (for meat)
* Kabob basket
* Kabob fork (stainless steel; regular or telescoping)
* Non-stick baskets (multipurpose)
* Non-stick grill topper
* Non-stick sauce pans and skillets
* Oiling dish
* Paella pan
* Popcorn rack
* Potato grilling rack
* Rib rack
* Rotisserie basket

Cleaning Accessories

A clean grill is a grill which can provide great flavors! So, use these accessories to help you get your grill ready to cook!

* Double pad grill brush
* Scrubs
* Scrub holders

Safety Accessories

While grilling is relatively safe, these accessories can help keep you even safer!

* Grabber grate lifter
* Grilling gloves
* Grill light

All of these accessories and tools can help you create a delicious barbecue meal for your friends or family. While they are not all necessary, the grill fanatic will adore any of these items if you need a quick gift idea for them as well.

You can find any of these tools and accessories at your local home improvement store, general merchandise store or favorite grilling outlet. You can also find a wealth of grilling tools and grill accessories online, for discounted prices.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Barbeques

Summertime: warmer weather, no school for the kids, and barbecues. The scent of charcoal in the air is sufficient to make most people salivate. And once the grill is brought out for the season, for many people, cooking inside becomes a faint memory for a few months.

But with all of the grilling comes an increased fire hazard risk, especially for those with gas grills. The culprit is in the cleaning – many folks simply don’t clean their grills properly; sometimes not at all.

You must clean your barbecue grills before every use. This is true whether you’re using charcoal or gas. Re-using charcoal can cause your fire to build rapidly and larger than you need, so do not do this.

And remember, while bonfires have their place, that place is not in your grill to cook your food! This can pose not only a fire hazard, but can create harmful carcinogens in the food which can in turn harm the bodies of those who ingest them.

When cooking on a gas grill, there are certain distinctive precautions one must take. For instance, cobwebs can be formed in them during storage that might catch on fire and burn the cook.

To avoid this, make sure to clean the grill thoroughly both before putting it up for the season as well as before using it the first time of the season. Another potential hazard is using any type of fluid or paper. This isn’t necessary for these types of grills and can be quite dangerous.

As a habit you should also clean your grill before you begin cooking. You can do this quickly with a grill brush or by simply rubbing balled up aluminum foil over the grates. Any leftover residue from previous use can add fuel to the fire in the form of grease.

Even if you cover your grates with aluminum foil as many people do it’s still necessary to clean them. Aluminum foil does not prevent grease from getting on the grates but just prevents any leftover grease and grime from getting on the food you’re cooking.

Cleaning and maintaining your grill properly will help you avoid any fire hazards or disasters due to a dirty grill. In addition, it can help you create delicious meals on your grill every time you use it!

Portable BBQ Grilling Options

Summer is the time of year when everyone is doing some kind of barbecuing whether it is in the backyard, at tailgate parties or in a park with the kids, family and friends. With portable propane and charcoal grills there is no longer the need to tote hot dogs and hamburgers that are cold by the time you reach your destination.

With portable grills you can even have a tailgate party during the college football season and wait until you are ready to eat to cook the food. There’s no more eating cold hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken.

A portable grill is not only great for cooking meat when you’re tailgating, having a beach BBQ or are camping with the family. Sure, they cook hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and other meats to perfection. However, they can also be very helpful in preparing side items like baked potatoes or grilled corn on the cob.

For families who love to camp in the great outdoors, portable grills can also be great for cooking breakfast. Simply bring along a griddle to fit the top of the grill and you can easily cook bacon, sausage, pancakes, eggs and French toast.

Portable grills can make a camping trip a lot easier, especially if you are tent camping. Many families today choose to use campers (complete with stoves and bathrooms) during their camping excursions.

However, those who still love the idea of sleeping under the stars in their sleeping bags or in tents often use an open fire to cook their meals. This can be difficult if the weather doesn’t cooperate (rain) and using a fire can make it difficult to cook things evenly. However, portable propane or portable charcoal grills can make cooking a breeze while you’re out in the wilderness.

Thus, to have a barbecue picnic or cookout you must go elsewhere where they have community grills. Portable charcoal grills and portable propane grills allow you the freedom to host your picnic wherever you’d like to do so.

You can bring a portable grill to a sporting event tailgating area, to a park, to the beach or even to an amusement park picnic area and have tasty food you, your family and friends can enjoy.

All About Grill Spray – What Is Grill Spray?

If you want to dress up your boring barbecued food with an easy to use product, grill spray might be your saving grace. Grill spray has become extremely popular this year because it offers home cooks an easy way to add flavor to their grilled foods without requiring any additional time or skill.

What You Want To Know About Grill Spray

Grill spray is an artificial means of instilling flavor in food, or flavor enhancement in food already having a particular taste. It comes in a wide variety of flavors for a wide variety of foods. For this reason, grill spray has become popular and commonly used in kitchens all over the world.

Grill sprays come in many different flavors, including some of the most popular flavors like hickory and mesquite which are well loved barbecue favorite flavor panels. It can be difficult to find a high quality grill spray, but those by Grill Magic ® are quite popular because they provide delicious flavors at a low cost. Once you use grill spray, you’ll likely never grill without it again!

Grilling spray works well with so many foods, and has even inspired recipes that revolve around the spray, as if it were a food beyond its mere seasoning function. Some recipes involve BBQ pork chops, asparagus, egg noodles, Asian poached salmon, shrimp, fettuccine, turkey, BLTs, hot and sour baked chicken, shish kabob, spare ribs, steak (T-bone, sirloin, etc), frittatas, hamburgers and sausage.

Recipes even extend to non-cooked favorites such as strawberries and other fruits, smoothies, cookies and cream, almonds, ice cream and even donuts and cakes. Fruits such as strawberries are very popular with grill spray because of the mixed flavors, especially mochaccino. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to being easy to use, versatile and tasty, grilling spray is also very safe to use. It can work with any type of cooking fuel, such as charcoal, lump coal, propane, gas, wood, wood chunk or electricity. Of course, the can of spray won’t last forever so when it’s empty you will need to take care to dispose of it like any other aerosol can. However, the spray itself poses no risk to health and can often give you more flavor with much fewer calories.

As if the idea of eating healthier and getting better tasting food without more effort wasn’t great enough, grill spray is also very inexpensive. In fact, you can find cans in a wide variety of flavors at your local grocery store for less than $3 in most cases. This allows you not only to have a quick and healthy way to add flavor to your food but also allows you to be able to afford to try many different flavors each week. Your family will love the new tastes and you will appreciate the price and the ease of use!

Finding The Best Fuel For Your Grill

When you think about buying a new grill, you may start thinking about what type of grill fuel you want to use. The type of grilling fuel you use can impact the way your grilled meat tastes. In addition, the grill you buy can make a difference in the amount of heat you can access, the ease of grill ignition and what meats will work best upon it.

Common Kinds Of Grill Fuels To Choose From

Using Wood Chips To Grill: Most people choose wood chips as their grilling fuel when they want to get intense flavors from their fuel choice. You can find many different types of wood chip flavors, including tasty flavors like apple, cherry, guava, pecan, mesquite, maple, oak or kiawe. Wood chips are quite fast to burn, which is a great thing. They are also affordable, which is another draw.

Charcoal Briquettes As Grill Fuel: The most commonly used fuel for grilling is coal or charcoal briquettes. It’s most often chosen because it’s very affordable and found easily at almost any store. Of course, the disadvantages include the fact they are dangerous to use and health-threatening.

The carbon monoxide they give off through their burning is absorbed into the meat being cooked. The digestion of this can lead to respiratory and other health problems. In addition, charcoal doesn’t give a tasty flavor without sauce or barbecue sprays added to the mix.

Lump Charcoal: Lump charcoal is one of the better choices in grill fuel. Lump charcoal is basically wood (or larger wood chips, known as wood chunks) that have been transformed into coal. It hasn’t been processed however, so this material is still in raw form.

Lump charcoal would be the most ideal barbecue charcoal because it is inexpensive, provides no chemical effects and because of the variety of smoky flavors inherent in the wood. It can offer a tasty product through the simple process of cooking. The only drawback is that it is not likely to be easily accessible so your average store might not carry it regularly.

Along with choosing a grill fuel, you’ll want to choose a healthy fire starter as well. Three of the most common fire starters are:

Charcoal To Instantly Light

You can get charcoal to instantly light to help you start your grill. However, this type of charcoal includes a petroleum product that can give off potentially harmful fumes into your food. Of course, it can also add a bitter taste to the food. So, you may not want to choose this method of lighting.

Lighting Fluid

It’s easy to use charcoal lighting fluid to light your grill and it’s very affordable as well. But, you must soak the coals in the fluid for several moments before you try to light it. Also, let the fluid burn completely off of the coals before grilling. Keep in mind it may be against the law to use it in your area due to the pollutants it can put off.

Gas Grilling Vs. Charcoal Grilling

About 99% of eateries grill with gas and it isn’t just a matter of comfort or cost. After all , with the famously high prices steakhouses ask for, they can afford to pay for almost any fuel they want. Therefore why do they still choose to use gas for grilling?

Naturally, many at-home grilling cooks think charcoal is still the best way to get the standard grilled flavor many expect and adore. Grilling with charcoal does put off a touch more smoke compared with gas, overall. Though, whenever it’s ignited appropriately, top quality charcoal releases only a little smoke.

For those who love charcoal grilling, you’ll be able to find at the least two categories of charcoal to use at home.

Often the smoke you see whenever cooking comes due to drippings from the foodstuffs striking the hot areas underneath and not in the energy itself. When the drippings strike the heat supply, they straight away burn and some of those condense within the beef, while some pervades in the meats.

Almost all gas grills cover the actual flame jets with metallic discs, lava rock, or ceramic rocks which help to manage the heat and radiate it toward the beef. Drippings strike these warm areas and begin making smoke with heavy steam, precisely like charcoal.

When it comes to flavor distinction between gas grilling and charcoal grilling, there is frequently one important difference. If you opt to use self-igniting charcoal or maybe charcoal liquid so as to start out a charcoal grill, generally there may be an unpleasant petrochemical odor through ignition and it may get in to the food.

If you have ever tasted the fuel taste in your gas grilled food, you know well what this can mean for flavor.

If you like to use your grill for slow smoke roasting purposes, the difference between the taste in the food on a gas grill and the taste in the food on a charcoal grill is sort of distinct.

The actual combustion gases from charcoal whenever mixed together with smoke coming from timber chips or chunks can make an exclusive standard southern bbq flavor the result. Upon a propane grill, the flavor will be a touch more bacon-like. It should be noted when cooking frequently on a gas or charcoal grill, there is likely very little difference in taste.

Tips for Better Results When Cooking Food on an Outdoor Grill

Barbecue cook-outs and also camping grilling is preparing to hit full force, because of hotter temperatures plainly just about to happen in many areas. Although folks really feel as though outdoor grilling and barbecuing isn’t very difficult, other folks are searching for even better and tastier outcomes.

Ensure that prior to deciding to even look at putting anything on your own exterior grill, that it’s sizzling hot. For people with a gas grill or maybe a propane grill, ensure that you pre-heat it on high. Those that like a charcoal grill, your preheating period may be a little lengthier but you’ll want to put in the excess time to attain the best outcomes overall.

An expert rule of thumb with a charcoal grill is to lay your hand three inches on top of the actual grill grate and count to three knowing that if you feel inclined to take your hands away as soon as you reach three, the grill is sizzling hot enough in order to cook dinner on. A very important factor a lot of grillers forget to perform is to lubricate their grills effectively.

There are several advantages to lubricating your grill, including the fact it will help your food avoid sticking to the grill and will also give beautiful restaurant style grill marks onto it also. To simply deal with this activity, use a paper towel folded into a small pad and place oil onto it.

After that, rub the paper towel over the grill plates using some tongs to support the towel. You should utilize also grill spray, bbq spray or other grill creating food spray but be careful not to spray the grill spray directly onto your lit grill. If you make this mistake, a flare-up may occur and you could end up with singed hair or eyebrows.

Smoking or indirect grilling is a great way to get the flavor you desire in some cases. This is usually done at a low temperature between 225 and 275 degrees. You can use a fire box, smoke chamber or even an upright water smoker to get great results. To get good smoke results when grilling, remember to use low heat, slow food preparation and smoky flavors. Briskets, pork, ribs, salmon and tofu are great options to try on an outdoor smoker grill.

Outdoor Grilling at Summertime Barbecues

Barbecuing can be one of the most fun and tasty activities you can do in the summertime, and it’ll be here before you know it. Whether you’re smoking some ribs, cooking a steak directly on the barbecue or just warming up some hot dogs, barbecuing gives you the chance to enjoy your meats with all sorts of flavors and options.

There are a number of ways you can participate in outdoor grilling. The most common method of outdoor grilling is to cook the meat directly on the grill. This usually takes place within a grill that has a closing lid. You can cook just about anything using the direct method, such as steaks, chicken, fish, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages or even vegetables.

Another way to grill is indirectly. Indirect grilling means that you cook on the barbecue without cooking the food directly on the flame of the grill. One of the most common methods of indirect grilling is by using one side of your grill’s burner. You then place the item to be cooked on the side of the burner that isn’t lit, thereby cooking the food with just the heat rather than direct flame.

Another method of indirect grilling is with a water pan. To do this, you take a pan made of aluminum foil and fill it with water. You can add any number of things to the water, such as spices, fruit juices, wine or herbs. As your food cooks, a vapor rises up out of the water pan that your food will absorb.

Pan roasting is another popular method of outdoor grilling. Most often, you’ll use the pan roasting method for larger food items. Pan roasting is especially good for a pot roast, or turkey. To pan roast something on your outdoor grill, put a drip pan on the top of the burners.

This lets the natural juices drip out the food into the baking pan, which will then give flavor to your meat. You can add seasonings with this method of outdoor grilling, just as you can with water pan outdoor grilling.

Smoking is yet another great way to grill food outdoors. You can smoke fish, beef, poultry or game. There are a variety of ways you can smoke your meat when grilling on your barbecue. One way is with wood chips of a particular sort.

Another way is with a smoker grill. You can also smoke your meat by simply placing your wood chips in water overnight, wrapping them in aluminum foil, and then placing it on your briquettes.

The final way to barbecue outside is to spit roast. Spit-roasting is a process whereby the meat rotates over the top of the flame or the heat, allowing the meat to keep its juices. Some grills even have a built-in spit-roaster.

No matter what way you choose to barbecue, outdoor grilling can bring fun, new tastes, and a whole new cooking experience to your summer barbecues.