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Winter BBQ Cooking Tips and Suggestions

Everyone knows how to efficiently barbecue in the summer months, but you can also take advantage of barbecue during the cold weeks. To successfully cook outside in the winter, use these tips for Barbecue cooking all through the year.

1. Don’t Attempt Anything New: When you’re choosing to grill out in the winter weather, it’s far better to stick to recipes you are already very acquainted with. All things considered, snowy weather conditions are not the time to test out a brand new eight course barbeque grill meal.

2. Shut the Lid: If you’re not adding something to the grill or perhaps turning the beef, make sure to keep the lid closed as much as possible. When you open the lid even for a minute, you let the cool air in and you’ll find that the cooking process may take much longer than normal.

3. Examine Your Hoses: Before utilizing a grill in the winter months, make sure you check the hoses to make sure there aren’t any cracks within them.

4. Clean Up As You Go: One tip to keep in mind when grilling in cooler weather is to clean up your drips as you go. When grease and fat drips in the cooler weather, you’ll have a more difficult time trying to clean up the drips. If you catch the drips while they’re still soft, you’ll have a much less difficult time.

5. Select Charcoal Wisely: If you grill in the winter months, you are going to use more charcoal than in warmer weather. Make sure you opt for a top quality lump charcoal which has a low moisture level.

6. Schedule Additional Time: Considering that the cold temperature will require added time for your grill to heat up and more time for your food to cook, make sure you allow yourself more time to cook.

7. Invest in Lighting: In many areas, it gets darker earlier in the evening during winter time months, so make sure to buy very good grill light. It helps you have the ability to see what you’re doing even after it gets dark.

8. Stay Away From Breeze: When you are trying to grill in cold temperatures, a very important thing you can do is position your grill somewhere that’s screened from the blowing wind. Wind will only reduce the cooking process.

9. Grill Very Carefully: Some people elect to pull their grill close to their own patio door, just so they don’t have to step out in the snow to grill. This could work really well for you in your home, but if you choose to do this make sure to be extra watchful.

If you have vinyl siding, having a hot barbecue grill too close to the home siding can cause it to melt and could even start a fire. Additionally, you don’t want any gas or charcoal fumes to leak into your home.

Making Hot Wings On The Barbecue Grill

Although wings might be cooked in a number of ways, the individual that said you are not able to cook hot wings on the grill most likely never tried.

Frequently, grill chefs will cover the wings with their favorite Bar-b-que sauce after they are cooked. BBQ grillers that know better, understand you’ll likely want your own hot sauce when you cook up hot wings on the BBQ grill.

When you use smoke seasoning while barbecuing wings, your wings can easily take on a really unique flavor. Yet, it won’t necessarily make them hot wings.

You will need to use hot sauce for giving your wings the heat you hunger for, which explains why hot sauce is sometimes used as a sauce base. Utilize about a half cup of the hot sauce, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of essential olive oil and then add another one or two tablespoons of soy sauce to provide an extremely unique taste.

A small amount of garlic powder and onion powder (don’t go overboard), and a dash of salt added to about one capful of your liquid smoke, is ideal. On the stove, or on an additional part of your grill, simmer this mixture, stirring often.

Once your wings are almost cooked all the way through, brush on the sauce. Wait roughly two minutes for it to soak in and turn the wings over. Brush the new side with sauce and wait for an additional few minutes. If you’d like, you can keep rotating the wings over the grill, introducing more sauce every time they are turned, until fully cooked.

It is especially vital for you to cook wings properly on the grill and to stay clear of contaminating the sauce. Basically, never brush the sauce on raw wings and then put the brush back in to the pot of sauce.

If you brush on another layer of sauce, it’s going to be contaminated with the raw chicken from the first-time, bringing that uncooked chicken into the area of the cooked chicken, resulting in risk of food illness.

Always use safe handling methods with all poultry and know they must be cooked until there’s no pink inside. Making sure it is entirely cooked will insure a much better end to your barbecue.

Spicy wings on the barbecue are an ideal barbecue staple, which is the reason lots of people opt to serve them. They can be very easily cooked and served in large quantities, which is also ideal for big crowds.

If you wish to make your wings even more tender, carefully consider boiling them for eight minutes in sauce, setting them on the grill to heat and then boiling them for yet another few minutes in sauce. This type of cooking procedure will help you utilize your grill for cooking, but will also guarantee your wings are really tender and ready to be enjoyed.

Cooking a Holiday Turkey on a Large Outdoor Barbecue Grill

Year after year turkeys have been baked or roasted in conventional ovens for the holiday season.

However, today many people are looking for new and exciting ways to cook their holiday turkey.

One of the most commonly used methods lately has been grilling. Most often when someone grills a turkey, it is done with indirect heat on an outdoor grill (using a pan of water to create steamy air).

Charcoal Grill Turkey Grilling

Before trying to grill a turkey, be sure you choose one that’s under 16 pounds and refrain from stuffing it.

You’ll be cooking at a low temperature and if you stuff the turkey it will take way too long for the inside to reach the necessary 165 degrees.

Start the process by ensuring your grill is clean and your charcoal is arranged in a pyramid on one side.

Light your charcoal and wait until the coals become red. Using an appliance thermometer, check the air temperature to ensure it gets anywhere between 225 and 300 degrees.

When it is hot enough, put a drip pan of water in the grill so you can create moisture needed for steam cooking. Position the coals around the pan of water and put the turkey onto the grill (breast up).

Cover the grill and add new briquettes every hour to ensure your temperature remains between 225 and 300 degrees. If you want to add flavor to the turkey, simply add water-soaked hardwood or fruitwood to the grill.

When your turkey reaches an internal temperature of 165 or higher, it’s done. Be sure to check the innermost area of the thigh and the breast.

Most often you’ll need between 15 and 20 minutes (per pound) when cooking on a covered charcoal grill. So, a ten pound turkey can take between 3 and 4 hours to cook. If you’ve never grilled a turkey before, be sure to allow for extra time.

Gas Grill Turkey Grilling

Cooking a turkey on a gas grill is very similar to the process you’d use to cook on a charcoal grill.

However, it’s important to place the pan of water under the grill’s grate when using a gas grill. It’s also best to put your turkey on a roasting pan instead of right on the grill.

If you want a smoky taste to your turkey this year, try grilling your holiday turkey on your outdoor grill. If you feel especially modern, you can also find ways to cook your favorite sides on the grill as well.

Grilled veggies and fruits can make delicious additions to any meal. The results will be healthy and tasty for you and your family!

Hot 4th of July Barbecue Party Recipes

As the 4th of July holiday is getting ready to hit, many party hosts are looking for easy barbecue recipe ideas. After all, most people don’t want to serve the same thing at their summer cookout, year after year. While some of the traditional barbecue cuisine should certainly be included annually, here are some new ideas for you to try at this year’s party.

Watergate Salad

1) 16 oz can of pineapple (crushed)
1) 4 oz box of Jell-O™ pudding (Pistachio)
1) 8 oz tub Cool Whip
1) 16 oz of bag miniature marshmallows
Maraschino cherries (your choice to include or not)
Coconut (your choice to include or not)

To start, begin by draining the juice from the can of pineapple. Mix the ingredients all together in a bowl. Leave the salad in the refrigerator overnight for best results. You can choose to add in cherries or coconut, if you wish. If you want, you can double the recipe for more guests. However, this single recipe should feed about ten guests.

Healthy Homemade Pasta Salad

1 Box of Rotini (Whole Wheat or Vegetable)
1 Bottle of Fat Free or Reduced Calorie Italian Dressing
Black Olives
2 or 3 Cucumbers (peeled and quartered)
Grape Tomatoes (as many as you’d like)
Grated Cheese (Optional)

For those who are used to picking up a box of pasta salad in the grocery store, this recipe will change your mind. You can adjust everything to your individual tastes and even substitute cubed cheddar cheese for the grated cheese if you so desire. Some people also like to add sliced pepperoni as well.

Almost Homemade BBQ Party Baked Beans

1 drained can (46 oz) of Pork & Beans
Brown sugar (simply substitute Splenda™ Brown Sugar for less calories)
Optional: Chopped Onion
Honey (to help with desired thickness)
Yellow Mustard, Catsup or BBQ for spicy flavor
Enough bacon strips to cover the top of the pan

To begin, mix all ingredients in a dish which can be placed in the oven. After it is mixed well, cover the top of the mixture with uncooked bacon strips. Then bake the dish at 400 degrees F for about 45 minutes (bacon must be well done). This recipe serves approximately 10 guests.

To create a memorable 4th of July holiday, invite your family and friends over for a holiday picnic or barbecue. You can easily add a different flair to a typical barbecue menu by including these easy and delicious recipes this year.