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Using Wood Chunks and Chips When Barbecuing

Hickory Wood Chunk BagNearly everyone enjoys the taste of food cooked on the grill and by utilizing wood chips or chunks, you can boost the natural flavor of cooking food over an open flame.

Whether you make use of a charcoal or gas grill, flavors can be added in by making use of wood chunks or chips through the cooking process. Essentially, you have two options when using them. The one you choose will be determined by the quantity of the smoke flavor you would like to introduce in your food.

Barbecue Chunks and Smoker Chips

When it comes to barbecue cooking there are quite a few choices of “fuel”. Some people prefer gas fuel or charcoal and others like more natural fuels. Barbecue chunks and smoker wood chips are probably the best means of cooking and for a variety of very compelling reasons. In light of this, these two fuel sources have become extremely popular.