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While America’s favorite cookout food items includes the hamburger and hot dog, there is certainly more to cooking out than just these two popular meats, which is why cooking a brisket might open up your eyes to much more this grilling season.

Most people cooking a brisket outdoors would prefer to use a smoker, since it fully cooks the brisket and gives unparalleled flavor, if the brisket is prepared properly.

The best brisket is the one it is possible to obtain from a local butcher and has a good, thick bit of fat on at least one side. If this is simply not a possibility, a high quality certified Angus beef brisket can be obtained at some food stores that still have on-site butchers or at certain wholesale clubs.

Starting the day before you plan to cook the brisket, take it out of the refrigerator and poke various holes in it utilizing a Jacquard knife. If one isn’t actually in your barbecue instruments, use a fork to stick some holes in it before applying the flavor rub.

Once you’ve worked the rub into the meat on all sides, place it a leak-proof package and position it in the fridge for a couple of hours to let the flavor permeate the beef. Be sure not to leave the meat in the marinade for too long or the flavor might overcome the beef.

You will want to keep the meat at 41-degrees or less to prevent the potential for food spoilage. When you are in a position to cook, or smoke the brisket, position it in your smoker grill at low heat for no less than five hours about 190-degrees.

All through this process, utilize a plastic spray container and spritz the beef often with apple juice to help sustain its moisture and help the brisket create a bark on the outside to shut in the flavor. If you do not have apple juice, any kind of citrus juice works beautifully.

When five hours of cooking is done on low temperature, you will need to cover the brisket with aluminum foil, raise the smoker’s temperature and continue preparing food until it reaches an interior temperature of 195-degrees. For a second time, this is vital to reduce the potential of food poisoning.

After a brisket is cooked properly, it can be somewhat cooled off for a few hours before slicing it. Just after it is sliced you can add your most liked barbecue sauce with a brush, concluding with a breathtaking meal. Toss some potato salad, grilled corn and pineapple in the mixture and your family will be happy eaters!

As an alternative to boring your family with more hamburgers and chips, think about trying something a little bit more unique and smoke a brisket on the grill or in a smoker. You will discover the taste and tenderness is unparalleled and your loved ones will realize there’s more selections for cooking out than just hotdogs!